Continuing Education

For Physicians & Researchers

Continuing Education through CME programming from our partners at Paradigm Medical Communications

Paradigm Medical Communications is an exemplary, award-winning, medical education company that develops innovative medical education activities, expertly tailored to fulfill the needs of diverse, sophisticated clinical audiences and diligently monitored to facilitate continuous growth and improvement. As medicine is a combination of art and science, so is the approach of Paradigm to the development of CME programming. The following programs are offered:

Castleman disease and the role of the Oncology Nurse

  • This webinar aims to educate oncology nurses on CD so they, in turn, are equipped to educate, advocate for, and support patients through the diagnosis and treatment process.

Diagnosis and treatment of Castleman disease: Expert Perspectives

  • This activity has been designed to address the educational needs of community and academic physicians specializing in hematology and hematology/oncology. It will also benefit other clinicians who manage patients with Castleman disease (CD).

Optimizing treatments of Idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease: Pharmacy Perspectives

  • This webinar will include a review of the pathophysiology of iMCD and how it applies to the development of current and emerging treatments.

Critical Role of Pathology in the Diagnosis of Castleman Disease

  • This engaging program features expert pathologists who highlight critical information that is needed to identify CD, including a focus on all aspects of histopathology and clinical characteristics needed to make an accurate diagnosis.
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