Collaborate With Us

We cannot relentlessly pursue a cure for Castleman disease without our global network of physicians and researchers who continue to collaborate with us!


ASH Meeting

    • Each year, members of the CDCN team attend the annual American Society of Hematology Meeting to present abstracts of CDCN led Castleman disease research projects as well as to collaborate with physicians and researchers from around the world

CD Registry

    • Patient registries that aggregate de-identified patient medical data are a cornerstone of rare disease research. The ACCELERATE Natural History Study is the first-ever registry for Castleman disease patients and is run through the University of Pennsylvania.

Sample Donation

    • Thanks to the BioBank and the Natural History Research programs (ACCELERATE), a lot of progress has been made in securing enough samples for research that has offered insights into the pathophysiology of idiopathic Multicentric Castleman disease (iMCD).

Contribute Ideas

    • We continue to strive for new ways to help us advance our life-saving research and would love to hear what you believe should be the top priorities for Castleman disease research.

Apply for a Grant

    • The CDCN is eager to provide high-impact research grants to interested physicians and researchers worldwide to accelerate diagnosis and management of Castleman disease. Applicants are invited to submit a brief research proposal here.
    • Please contact if you are interested in applying for funding and have any question related to this request for proposals. Please note that the CDCN has a Board-directed policy that does not allow for the payment of indirect/F&A costs to nonprofit institutions.
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