For us, it's personal.

Co-founded by a patient (who is also a doctor) trying to save his life and others, CDCN works across multiple fronts to fight Castleman disease – a complex, deadly affliction that’s frequently misdiagnosed and difficult to treat.

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Rare Disease Drug Repurposing

Collaborate with us to create a ROADMAP for drug repurposing. The goal is to understand the state of drug repurposing in rare diseases and create a shared, free resource that will make it easier to pursue successful drug repurposing. Learn how you can join us in this important work!

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Castleman Disease and COVID-19 Vaccine

Guidance from the CDCN Scientific Advisory Board members on COVID-19 vaccination for Castleman disease patients

Guidance on COVID Vaccine

Creating unprecedented impact

Despite CD being discovered in the 1950s, more progress has been made in the last 7 years than in the previous 60: the first diagnostic and treatment guidelines, first new drug target in 25 years, and much more.

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The disease we can all help cure

CD is the disease that we can all help cure because we take an innovative approach, have a relentless leadership team, and have already made unprecedented progress.

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A revolutionary approach to fighting rare diseases

We’re proud to partner with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to share our innovative, patient-led model.

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The Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) is dedicated to accelerating research and treatment for Castleman disease, a disease at the intersection of cancer and autoimmunity, and revolutionizing biomedical research to cure many more diseases.

Relentless Leadership

A sense of urgency from day one.

When the co-founder is a patient and the disease can be deadly, there is no time to waste. The CDCN team is incredibly focused on finding what works and quickly discarding what doesn’t. And it shows in the results.

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Innovative Approach

Finding the right questions before looking for answers.

Instead of raising funds and hoping the right researchers apply for them, we crowdsource what needs to be answered, recruit the best scientists, and fund the highest impact studies. It’s an approach that has pulled together a network of experts from across the globe.

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Unprecedented Progress

Doing in a year what often takes a decade.

By turning the old model on its head and building a truly unique approach, we have made incredible progress in a very short amount of time. But there is still so much more to do.

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Join our network of patients & loved ones or physicians & researchers

Castleman disease is a journey for patients and all those they love that begins with a difficult diagnosis followed by finding a specialist, choosing a treatment, recovering, and surviving.

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