Grant Opportunities

The CDCN offers grant opportunities in Castleman disease to researchers across the globe. Applicants are invited to submit a brief research proposal to help the CDCN decide if the study falls within the scope of this Request of Proposals. The brief research proposal must include the following information:


    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Contact details

Proposed Project:

    • Approximate funding requested
    • A 1 page summary of the proposed research
    • Any additional information that may help the foundation evaluate the proposal

Brief research proposals can be submitted here or by clicking on the link below. Submissions are evaluated on a continuous basis.  Any question related to this request for proposals should be sent to

The CDCN provides research grants to nonprofit institutes and universities to fund research in Castleman disease. Please note the CDCN has a Board-directed policy that does not allow for the payment of indirect/F&A costs to nonprofit institutions.


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