Overview of Castleman disease published in Blood

A paper published in Blood details Castleman disease, including its history, subtypes, diagnostic criteria, and recommended therapies.

04/1/2020 A paper co-authored by Angela Dispenzieri of the Mayo Clinic and the CDCN’s own David Fajgenbaum provides an in-depth overview of Castleman disease, subtypes, diagnostic criteria, and recommended therapies. It aggregates all of the most up-to-date information from dozens of sources to give a comprehensive overview of our current understanding of this rare and complicated disease. Publications like this are important sources of knowledge and information for physicians treating patients with Castleman disease all over the world.

It includes tables that summarize clinical features and treatment options for each subtype, diagnostic criteria for iMCD and iMCD-TAFRO, severity scoring of iMCD, examples of lymph nodes with different histopathologies under the microscope, and informational graphics like the one pictured here. One of the biggest challenges for rare disease communities is sharing the latest knowledge far and wide, so this paper is a big win for the CD community!



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