Optimization of anti-IL6 therapy:

Precision medicine through mathematical modeling

07/19/2022 Though siltuximab is the only FDA-approved treatment for iMCD, it is not effective for all patients. Researchers, including some from the CDCN, studied the potential effects of combining siltuximab and tocilizumab to help patients where siltuximab alone is not effective. More research is need.

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Dysregulated interleukin (IL)-6 production can be characterized by the levels present, the kinetics of its rise and its inappropriate location. Rapid, excessive IL-6 production can exacerbate tissue damage in vital organs. In this situation, therapy with an anti-IL-6 or anti-IL-6 receptor (IL-6R) monoclonal antibody, if inappropriately dosed, may be insufficient to fully block IL-6 signaling and normalize the immune response.

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