Ongoing symptoms following complete surgical excision in unicentric Castleman disease

08/10/2023 Castleman Disease (CD) is a rare disease with different subtypes and varying symptoms. Surgery to remove the affected lymph node(s) is the gold standard therapy for patients with unicentric CD (UCD), a form of CD involving a single region of enlarged lymph nodes that is thought to present with little to no symptoms. In a recent study published in the American Journal of Hematology, members of the Center for Cytokine Storm Treatment & Laboratory (CSTL) at the University of Pennsylvania administered surveys and reviewed medical records of UCD, finding that some UCD patients may experience ongoing symptoms even years after surgical excision. Additionally, medical record data revealed that some UCD patients do present symptomatically and with abnormal labs suggestive of severe inflammation. More research is needed to understand the cause of ongoing symptoms and to help identify ways to help patients who continue to struggle with symptoms post-surgery.

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