CDCN Co-Founder on Good Morning America

Dr. David Fajgenbaum, his new book Chasing My Cure, and the CDCN were highlighted on Good Morning America

8/26/2019 Dr. David Fajgenbaum, co-Founder & Executive Director of the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN), a physician-scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, and a patient battling the same disease that he studies, were profiled today on Good Morning America as part of a segment about Fajgenbaum’s new book, Chasing My Cure: A Doctor’s Race to Turn Hope Into Action.

Chasing My Cure is Dr. Fajgenbaum’s harrowing story of being diagnosed with idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease during medical school, nearly dying five times, and fighting back through the creation of the CDCN and perfoming laboratory research at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s a universal tale about getting up and fighting back after life knocks us down. Thanks to dozens of CDCN volunteers, patients, and collaborators around the world, Fajgenbaum was able to identify a treatment for himself that is extending his life and other patients as well. In the process, the CDCN has spearheaded a new approach to biomedical research that has become a model for other rare disease fields. The CDCN continues to push forward ground-breaking research, working to push its promising research to become permanent cures.


Ways to Support Chasing My Cure and Fight Back against CD

1. Pre-order Chasing My Cure for yourself and as a gift for friends/family. Chasing My Cure will be available everywhere books are sold on September 10 and can be pre-ordered and delivered on September 10th on Amazon. It is available in hardcover, electronic, and audio formats:

2. Spread the word. Posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram announcing the book’s arrival will be much appreciated. Below are some burbs that you can share.

3. Donate to the CDCN’s ground-breaking research. We have made incredible progress in a short period of time. Help us turn promising research into permanent cures for Castleman disease and related immunological disorders. Donate to the CDCN!

4. Join David in your city. David will be speaking and signing books in Philly, Boston, Raleigh, San Diego, New York City, and likely a few more locations this fall:


Check out the website for the
Instagram: @dfajgenbaum

NY Times story:


Sample social media posts

  • After almost dying on several occasions, David Fajgenbaum fought back and discovered a treatment that is extending his own life and others. Read his thrilling story of redemption in #ChasingMyCure . Pre-order today:
  • The treatment that David Fajgenbaum discovered to save his own life was developed 25 years early for another disease, but no one had thought to try it. How many cures already exist that we just don’t know about? How many answers are hiding in plain sight? Pre-order #ChasingMyCure today:
  • I can’t wait to read this book! As Angela Duckworth on #ChasingMyCure:,“Quite literally, I could not put this book down. Dr. Fajgenbaum is an inspiration. Chasing My Cure is a page-turning chronicle of living, nearly dying, and discovering what it really means to be invincible in hope.” Pre-order today:
  • “It’s not just life or death, joy or despair. A middle ground exists where joy is possible in the face of death.” Learn more in #ChasingMyCure today:
  • Think it, do it. #ChasingMyCure
  • Some people find silver linings in the midst of a storm. Others create silver linings! Learn more in #ChasingMyCure today:
  • David Fajgenbaum has considered himself in ‘overtime’ ever since he had his last rites read at 25 years old. The truth is: we’re all in overtime. Make every second count. Learn more in #ChasingMyCure today:
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