Chasing My Cure is out now!

Co-Founder & Executive Director David Fajgenbaum releases a memoir about his life-threatening battle with Castleman disease and the CDCN's story

9/10/2019 Dr. David Fajgenbaum, Co-founder of the CDCN and a Castleman disease patient, released his memoir Chasing My Cure on September 10, 2019 through Penguin Random House! The book describes his heroic, life-threatening battle with Castleman disease which started when he was a third-year medical student. After multiple near-death relapses that improved only with chemotherapy, Dr. Fajgenbaum realized that he could no longer just hope for a cure–he needed to turn his hope into action to save his own life and extend the lives of all patients with Castleman disease. Dr. Fajgenbaum co-founded the CDCN with his own doctor, Dr. Frits van Rhee, in 2012, and has dedicated his life to accelerating research and treatment for Castleman disease.

Dr. Fajgenbaum credits the entire CDCN community–patients & loved ones, physicians & researchers, volunteers, and his family and friends–for the incredible progress that has been made in Castleman disease since 2012. During this time, the CDCN has invested $1 million in Castleman disease research, which resulted in over $7 million in further research funding from other agencies, leading to unprecedented impact for patients:

  • the first new drug target in 25 years
  • the first-ever clinical trial for treatment-refractory Castleman disease
  • the first-ever diagnostic criteria
  • the first-ever treatment guidelines

Dr. Fajgenbaum is proud to share this story with the world to help get the word out about Castleman disease. He hopes this story will increase awareness and funding for Castleman disease research so that future patients will experience a life that is not limited by their disease.

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Chasing My Cure in the press:

“Quite literally, I could not put this book down. Dr. Fajgenbaum is an inspiration. Chasing My Cure is a page-turning chronicle of living, nearly dying, and discovering what it really means to be invincible in hope.”
Angela Duckworth Author of Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance
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