CDCN study one of 64 leading innovations in medicine

CDCN Study selected as one of the top 64 innovations in medicine this year by STAT news

A CDCN study at the University of Pennsylvania was selected as one of the top 64 breakthrough medical papers by STAT news and it was included in their annual #STATMadness tournament! 

The CDCN was just one of the 64 discoveries that made the cut for the fourth annual STAT Madness, the bracket-style competition for scientific glory modeled on college basketball’s March Madness.

The contest is modeled on college basketball’s March Madness, but rather than head-to-head competition for athletic glory, STAT Madness pits 64 U.S. universities, medical schools, and other institutions against each other in a hard-fought battle for scientific renown.

The study that was selected was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and describes the treatment of three iMCD patients who previously did not respond to IL-6 blockers like siltuximab, the only FDA-approved drug for iMCD. These patients began treatment with sirolimus  and have been in remission since starting sirolimus; One of those patients is CDCN’s own David Fajgenbaum, who started treating himself with sirolimus in 2012 after research led him to believe it could help– he was right and has been in remission ever since!

You can learn more about the study here.

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