CORONA Data Viewer


Given the experience of the Center for Cytokine Storm Treatment & Laboratory (CSTL) at the University of Pennsylvania in studying cytokine storm disorders and identifying treatments for related conditions, the CORONA Project was launched in March 2020 as a largely volunteer-led effort to identify and track all treatments reported to be used for COVID-19 in an open-source data repository. Today, CORONA is the world’s largest database of COVID-19 treatments, covering 400+ medications that have been administered to 280,000+ patients. All data is made available via our Tableau-based CORONA Viewer below that has recorded over 23,000 views to date and counts staff at Google Health, HHS, FDA, and NIH among regular users.


The overarching goal of the CORONA project is to advance effective treatments for COVID-19 by highlighting the most promising treatments to pursue, informing optimal clinical trial study design (sample size, target subpopulations), and determining if a drug should move forward to widespread clinical use. To further pursue our goal by the end of 2021, we will be expanding our work to also integrate pre-clinical and randomized controlled trial data. We believe that this expanded focus will allow us to more quickly advance promising treatments to clinical care that are supported by broader research findings. The expanded data will be made publicly available through a new viewer called STORM (Systematic Tracker of Off-label/Repurposed Medicines).


We will continue to utilize data on treatments reported for COVID-19 in the published literature and begin to incorporate published pre-clinical and randomized controlled trial data to a greater extent. We will also explore new data sources including health insurance claims, electronic health records, and physician-reported data.

This database viewer has the most up-to-date information built and managed by Matt Chadsey, owner of Nonlinear Ventures

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