Castleman Warriors

Candace Duncan

I was diagnosed with MCD officially in January of 2017. Before this day I had never heard of Castleman’s Disease. My doctor had not even seen a patient with CD in over 7 years!! It was a shock to say the least. My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a few weeks later. It was a hard time and we never thought it would get us to where we are today. Grandma is gone. I am no longer working. Treatment after treatment. It has taken a toll on my life and health but I am hopeful. I am on a treatment that is working and not only making sure that my symptoms are under control but that my lymph nodes are SHRINKING! I am so grateful to have so many awesome people who understand what I am going through and can share my journey and help pick me up when I am having bad days. There is a rainbow at the end of the road!

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