Annual Castleman Warrior Award Winners

The Castleman Disease Collaborative Network is pleased to give out Castleman Warrior Awards annually to a Castleman disease patient, loved one, community member, researcher, and physician that has made the greatest impact on the lives of people with Castleman disease. The winners, who have all made an impact on the lives of patients with Castleman disease through either research, patient care, support, advocacy, awareness, or fundraising, embody the values of the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network of “patient focus, innovation, collaboration, impact with urgency, diversity, and commitment to people.”

Patient of the Year Awardees

Victoria Humphries- 2022 Recipient

Yankee McKinnon- 2021 Recipient

Alice Gorman- 2020 Recipient

Frank Guarino- 2019 Recipient

Raj Jayanthan- 2018 Recipient

Ryan Hoke- 2017 Recipient

Gary Gravina- 2016 Recipient

Kim Driscoll- 2015 Recipient

Jim Johnson- 2014 Recipient

Loved One of the Year Awardees

The Morales Family- 2020 Recipient


Emma Begley- 2021 Recipient

The Mabus Family- 2020 Recipient The Incorvia Family- 2019 Recipient
Patty Prazenica- 2018 Recipient BJ Campbell- 2017 Recipient Mileva Repasky- 2016 Recipient

Physician of the Year Awardees

Dr. Corey Casper- 2022 Recipient

Dr. Aaron Goodman- 2021 Recipient

Dr. Eric Oksenhendler- 2018 Recipient

Dr. Thomas Uldrick- 2017 Recipient


Dr. Frits Van Rhee- 2016 Recipient

Researcher of the Year Awardees

Sheila Pierson-2022 Recipient


Dr. Sudipto Mukherjee- 2021 Recipient

Dr. Kazu Yoshikazi– 2020 Recipient

Dr. Chris Nabel- 2018 Recipient


Dr. Ian Lipkin- 2018 Recipient

Dr. Kojo Elenitoba- 2017 Recipient

Dr. Megan Lim- 2017 Recipient

Dr. Alexander Fossa- 2016 Recipient

Glen de Vries Community Member of the Year Awardees


The Morales Family- 2022 Recipient

Ryan Dinsmore- 2021 Recipient Pete Fisher- 2021 Recipient EUSA Pharma- 2019 Recipient

Glen de Vries- 2018 Recipient

Mary Zuccato- 2017 Recipient

Mary Guilfoyle- 2016 Recipient


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