Leadership Team

Ruth-Anne Langan Pai

Ruth-Anne is a PhD candidate in the Immunology Graduate Group at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to graduate school, Ruth-Anne completed her undergraduate degree at Cornell University and then spent two years in Manhattan studying autoimmunity. She is the first doctoral student in David Fajgenbaum’s laboratory and a core part of the Castleman Disease research team. Through her research, Ruth-Anne hopes to improve our understanding of the mechanisms that regulate T cell activation and drive the development of immunotherapeutics for Castleman Disease.

Ruth-Anne received a 2019 ASH Abstract Achievement Award for her study: “Single-Cell Analysis of PBMCs in idiopathic multicentric Castleman disease identifies a Type I interferon response associated with increased mTOR activation”. Check out the ASH Abstract here. Her amazing work was highlighted by the organization Check Rare. Check out their interview video here!

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