Leadership Team

Ania Korsunska


Ania Korsunska is the 2021-2022 Biomedical Leadership Fellow, the Community-Centered Design Lead and a PhD candidate in the Syracuse University iSchool’s Information Science and Technology program. At the CDCN, Ania is leading multiple drug repurposing efforts for rare diseases, helping track and improve the utilization of the Collaborative Network Approach and facilitate the creation of the International Research Agenda, as well as assisting with various user-experience improvements and design work.

She received an MA from the University of Chicago with a focus on medical sociology, tracking the development of mental health disorder labels over time. Her research interests lie at the intersection of Science Studies and Human-Computer Interaction, with a focus on improving the speed and efficiency of medical research by designing tools to help foster better data aggregation, evaluation of scientific evidence, as well as faster scientific collaboration.

Ania’s dissertation work is centered around CDCN’s ROADMAP project (Repurposing Of All Drugs, Mapping All Paths). This initiative proposes to fill gaps within the current system of identifying, using, and seeking FDA-approval for off-label drugs for rare disease patients. It leverages CDCN’s experience and aggregates the experience of other rare disease stakeholders to create a roadmap for the complex process of drug repurposing. Ultimately, this project aims to not only answer some fundamental questions about the experience of drug repurposing for various stakeholders, but to also design a solution to some of the challenges rare disease organizations are facing through the creation of an interactive tool.

Ania is very interested in the trend towards collaborative, patient-centric research models and is very excited to see her work have a real-world impact on the CDCN community!

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