World CD Day

What is World Castleman Disease Day?

World Castleman Disease Day is July 23d 2019. It is an amazing opportunity for Castleman disease advocates worldwide-from patients, loved ones, physicians, and researchers- to come together in the fight against Castleman disease to continue to support patients currently living with Castleman disease and to remember and honor those patients who we have lost. World CD Day will continue to be the one day a year for patients, loved ones, physicians, and researchers across the world to come together and unite in the fight against this disease, a day where we can all show solidarity and our commitment to taking this disease down!

This upcoming July 23, the CDCN celebrates our annual World Castleman Disease Day! Here’s what YOU can do to join us:

  • Donate or help raise funds to accelerate research
  • Share: share your story on social media
  • Wear blue & your CDCN wristband and tattoo: click here to order them!
  • Purchase a World CD Day shirt: place your order here!
  • Post a picture in a Warrior Stance: share your photo and story with #WorldCDday and #Castleman
  • Spread the word: tell your friends, family, and colleagues about CD
  • Hold a facebook fundraiser or fundraiser in your hometown: Help raise funds and awareness for life-saving CD research
  • Patients: make sure you’ve completed the steps on the “Castleman Checklist”: Click here to make sure you’ve completed those steps

Also feel free to share the below videos to spread awareness and help turn promising research into permanent cures!

You Tube video:

Today Show:

Patient Stories




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